As you travel through India, your culinary journey takes you from region to region. Each state has its own distinct style of cooking. It’s very difficult for a restaurant to offer dishes from every region without jeopardizing quality or authenticity. So as a compromise, most restaurants that serve Indian cuisine tend to stick with one type of food, such as North Indian or South Indian cuisine.

This was the idea that sparked the creation of India’s Most Wanted Restaurant. Indians have been historically known to preserve their culture through language, art, and clothing. But what about food? Much of the originality of Indian cuisine has been reduced in terms of Modernity, specifically the spices and vegetables utilised in traditional meals. We at IMW have taken the responsibility on our shoulders to preserve the authenticity and serve our customers the real taste of India in pleasant surroundings. We at India’s Most Wanted Restaurant assure you an evening of great food and great fun.

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